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Puppy with a ball
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Puppies need company, but you can’t be there all the time. While you are at work, you might be worrying about puppy being home alone for so long.  I offer puppy visits where I spend approx 20 minutes of quality time with your little one.  A garden break, playtime or a short walk around the block as puppy gets bigger, supervising lunch and settling down. I can send you a message to reassure you that all is well. You will have peace of mind knowing that puppy has spent a happy time with its Auntie Andrea.


20 minutes puppy visit: £6.50


Couldn’t recommend Andrea enough! She’s been there for me right from the beginning when I brought my little guy home and made sure he’s had the best start in life � he looks forward to all his little adventures you take him on and of course all the cuddles! Can’t thank you enough for what you do for us and we are both so grateful to have you in our lives

Jenna D

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